【Fuel Cells Speech Announcement 】 Oct. 22 (MON), 10:30-11:30 Speaker: Prof. Hiroyuki Uchida



Fuel Cells Speech Announcement




Speaker: Prof. Hiroyuki Uchida

Director, Clean Energy Research Center, Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center,

University of Yamanashi, Kofu, Japan




Schedule: Oct. 22 (MON), 10:30-11:30


Place: IB-202, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology(台灣科技大學)


Title: Analyses of Cathode and Anode Reactions on Pt-Based Electrocatalysts for PEFCs





1. Mechanism of Enhanced ORR Activity at Pt-Alloys


2. Development of Practical ORR Catalysts with High Activity and High Durability


3. Development of New HOR Catalysts with High Activity and High Robustness