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Core Abilities

According our four educational goals, we establish eight core abilities for undergraduate and graduate students, respectively:

For undergraduate students, our core abilities are:

  1. Application of the math, science and chemical engineering knowledge
  2. Design and execution of engineering experiments, including data analysis and results explanation
  3. Execution of engineering practical application by the learned technique, skill and using modern tools
  4. Design ability of engineering system, component or process
  5. Project management (including budget planning) and ability of communication and teamwork
  6. Ability of problem found, analysis and solving, and dealing with complex and integrated engineering issues
  7. Knowing current issues, understanding the influences of chemical engineering techniques on the environment, society and world, and cultivating lifelong learning
  8. Realizing professional ethics and social responsibilities, and respecting for multiple views

For graduate students, our core abilities are:

  1. Professional knowledge in specific fields
  2. Ability of project planning and executing
  3. Ability of writing thesis/dissertation
  4. Ability of innovative thinking and independent problem-solving
  5. Ability of coordinating with persons in different fields
  6. Good global perspective
  7. Ability of leadership, management, and planning
  8. Ability of lifelong self-learning