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【110-02】 NTUST Department of Chemical Engineering Dual Degree Program Scholarship

Qualified students:

Self-supporting dual degree program undergraduate students who have paid full-time foreign student tuition, are eligible to apply.

  1. Application period:

Applicants should submit his/her required documents to the department office E2-200 or   E2-205-2 before March 14, 2022.

  1. Required documents:

Official transcript with academic ranking of previous semester.

  1. Amount of scholarship

The students with academic ranking in top 10% of the DDP class of previous semester will be awarded 30,000 NTD. Students with academic ranking in top 10%-20% will be awarded 20,000 NTD.

  • 申請人為具正式學籍之外籍自費學生

This form is only for applicants who have paid foreign student tuition.

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