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2018 NTUST

Department of Chemical Engineering

Financial Aid Program for International Students

  1. Qualified Students:

Self-supporting international students who have paid full-time foreign student tuition and have financial difficulties, are eligible to apply for this financial aid.


  1. Application Period:

Applicants should submit his/her required documents to the department office within one month after the beginning of each semester.

  1. Required documents:
  • An Application form.
  • An official transcript of the previous semester.
  • A letter of recommendation from mentor professor.


  1. Amount of Financial Aid

 5,000~20,000 NTD per semester based on committee review.


Application Form of Financial Aid for International Students









2017 Spring Financial Aid for International Students




Application Form for Professor Lee-Chia-Ping's Filial Piety Scholarship



lA full-time international student, who has completed at least one semester in Taiwan Tech.

lStudents who have already received NTUST Scholarship (including full scholarshippartial scholarship and tuition waiver), Taiwan Scholarship and scholarship from hometown government are NOT eligible to apply this scholarship.

Time to file an application:

1. The deadline is on Friday, October 14 by 16:00.

2. Please download the application from at:http://www.oia.ntust.edu.tw/ezfiles/17/1017/img/1128/InternationalStudentsFinancialAidApplicationForm.doc

3. Please read through the guideline carefully before you file the application:http://www.oia.ntust.edu.tw/ezfiles/17/1017/img/1128/FinancialAidAvailabletoInternationalStudents.pdf

4. Please submit your application to Office of International Affairs (IB402) before deadline.

For further inquiries, please contact: Ms. Stephany Wang atwang@mail.ntust.edu.tw



The guidelines of CTCI Scholarship 2017 for International Graduate Students



Dear all,

About the guidelines of CTCI Scholarship 2017 for International Graduate Students, please refer the attachment. The deadline is on Friday, August 4, 2017 till 16:00. Please submit your application documents to me or Tina. Thank you.

Best Regards,





106-1 NTUST Scholarship for Continuing International Ph.D Students


Dear Ph.D. Students,

For current Ph.D. students who are going to be  4th or 5th year students beginning from the 2017 fall semester, or for Master’s students who have entered the fast-track (direct pursuit) Ph.D. program at NTUST and who have received the NTUST Scholarship for a complete period of four years are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Please read the new regulations and eligibility requirements carefully in the attachment (see PDF file) and fill out the application form (WORD file).

There are 3 pages in the application form:

Page 1: Your personal information.

Page 2: Your publication list. Don’t forget to attach any documents which can prove that your papers have been submitted to or published in the SCI/SSCI journals.

Page 3: Please make sure your advisor reads through the notices on page 3 because he/she needs to shoulder part of your scholarship if you are qualified.

Please file the application to Amber Chen in the Office of International Affairs before 4:00 p.m. on July 7th, 2017.

You are welcome to ask Ms. Amber Chen (amberx27@mail.ntust.edu.tw) at the OIA if you have any questions after reading the regulations.

Thank you.



Update: 2018.04.19