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About us

The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was founded on August 1, 1974, as the National Taiwan Institute of Technology (NTIT). It was the first higher education institution of its kind within our nation's technical and vocational education system. In 1997, our university change the name to current name, NTUST.


Our university’s vision is to build Taiwan Tech into an international applied research university producing high-tech and management personnel with the ability to compete on a global level, thus supporting the future growth of our nation and society.

Our department (Department of Chemical Engineering) was founded in 1976. The purpose of our department is to cultivate our students as technic and R&D talented chemical engineers with ability to care for society and responsibility to industrial development.
Moreover, we will constantly refer to the needs of the world and our society to plan and improve our courses such as fundamental courses, professional courses, special topics and seminar, hoping that our students will fulfill the following educational goals after graduation:

  1. For undergraduate programs:
  • Special knowledge
  • Practical ability
  • Quality attitude
  • Competencies in sustainability
  1. For graduate programs:
  • Special knowledge
  • Research and development ability
  • Quality attitude
  • Competencies in sustainability


Besides, to promote our department’s features, international communication and student’s English language proficiency levels to enhance our department’s international competitiveness, our department offers “Master and Ph.D. English-taught Programs” open to international students. In 2014, our department has also launched an “all-English Undergraduate Dual Degree Program” between the department of chemical engineering at Widya Mandala Catholic University(WMCU) and NTUST. Until now, there are many international universities sign the agreement with us.




We are very welcome international students to join our department, hoping that through creating high-quality English and chemical engineering technic learning environment, local and foreign students could exchange different experience from each other, and that expand the international influence after graduation.

(Admission Information for International Students: https://admissions.ntust.edu.tw/index/index)



Department Logo

Our department Logo is shown below (Download Link):