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2019 Chiang, Chia-Ying


2019 江佳穎-戴龑兩位教師論文刊登卓越期刊Applied Catalysis B_Environmental 1090210-02


Converting glycerol aqueous solution to hydrogen energy and dihydroxyacetone by the BiVO4 photoelectrochemical cell

作者Huang, Lu-WeiVo, Truong-GiangChiang, Chia-Ying

ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA   卷冊: 322     文獻號碼: UNSP 134725   出版: NOV 1 2019



Controllable electrodeposition of binary metal films from deep eutectic solvent as an efficient and durable catalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction

作者Truong-Giang VoHidalgo, Sebastian Dario SuarezChiang, Chia-Ying

DALTON TRANSACTIONS   卷冊: 48   : 39   頁數: 14748-14757   出版: OCT 21 2019



Highly conformal deposition of ultrathin cobalt acetate on a bismuth vanadate nanostructure for solar water splitting

作者Truong-Giang VoLiu, Hsin-ManChiang, Chia-Ying

CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY   卷冊: 9   : 17   頁數: 4588-4597   出版: SEP 7 2019



Novel hierarchical ferric phosphate/bismuth vanadate nanocactus for highly efficient and stable solar water splitting

作者Truong-Giang VoTai, YianChiang, Chia-Ying

APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL   卷冊: 243   頁數: 657-666   出版: APR 2019



Multifunctional ternary hydrotalcite-like nanosheet arrays as an efficient co-catalyst for vastly improved water splitting performance on bismuth vanadate photoanode

作者Truong-Giang VoTai, YianChiang, Chia-Ying

JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS   卷冊: 370   頁數: 1-10   出版: FEB 2019


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