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2019 Yeh, Li-Hsien





Unraveling the Anomalous Surface-Charge-Dependent Osmotic Power Using a Single Funnel-Shaped Nanochannel

作者Hsu, Jyh-PingSu, Tzu-ChiaoPeng, Po-Hsien;  Yeh, Li-Hsien .

ACS NANO   卷冊13   11   頁數13374-13381   出版NOV 2019


3D Network V2O5 Electrodes in a Gel Electrolyte for High-Voltage Wearable Symmetric Pseudocapacitors

作者Deng, Ming JayYeh, Li-HsienLin, Yu-Hao; .

ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES   卷冊11   33   頁數29838-29848   出版AUG 21 2019



Rectification of Concentration Polarization in Mesopores Leads To High Conductance Ionic Diodes and High Performance Osmotic Power

作者Lin, Chih-YuanCombs, CodySu, Yen-Shao;  Yeh, Li-Hsien .

JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY   卷冊141   8   頁數3691-3698   出版FEB 27 2019



A A Nanofluidic Osmotic Power Generator Demonstrated in Polymer Gel Electrolytes with Substantially Enhanced Performance

作者:  Yeh, Li-Hsien,*Zih-Ying Huang, Yi-Cheng Liu, Ming-Jay Deng,Tzung-Han Chou, Hsing-Chiao Ou Yang, Tansir Ahamad, Saad M. Alshehrif and Kevin C.-W. Wu.

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 卷冊  頁數2679126796   出版Dec 21 2019

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