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Regulations and Requirements for Awarding the PhD Degree

The latest regulations and requirements are passed by our Department Assemblies in 2022 (download link). The brief summary is listed below:

  1. Complete your program within 2 to 7 years.
  2. Complete 18 credits (excluding the thesis). For students going straight into the PhD program or enrolling with an equivalent qualification, 24 credits are required.
  3. Course requirement:
    1) Need submit a “Plan of Study (POS)”. The related regulation: download link.

    2) Language courses:
        a. Four credits of Language courses must be taken (course code: FE, FL) (not count as part of degree credits).
        b. Exemption: passing the Intermediate level of the GEPT within 2 years.

    3) Academic research ethics course:
        One course in Academic Research Ethics should be taken by the end of your first year of studies.
    4) Required subject-specific courses:
        a. Discuss and check with your advisor (if no advisor, with graduate academic counselor).
        b. Complete 2 core courses:
            a) Both courses should be launched by our department.
            b) At least 1 core course should be transport phenomena I, transport phenomena II, advanced thermodynamics,
                advanced chemical engineering kinetics, advanced organic chemistry, advanced physical chemistry,
                advanced analytical chemistry, or advanced inorganic chemistry. 
            c) Pass the qualifying exams listed on the POS or oral comprehensive exam within 2 years after enrollment.
                The related regulation: download link.

            d) Complete 4 semesters of seminars.
  4. The requirement of credit transfer:
    1) Must be approval by your advisor.
    2) The grade of the course completed in previous school must be A- or above or an equivalent grade in principle.
  5. Thesis related requirement:
    1) The subject of dissertation should be confirmed by your advisor.
    2) The research content should be matched expertise of chemical engineering.
    3) Plagiarism check: similarity report of your final draft thesis is required and similarity cannot exceed 30% (How to make a report?).
  6. If you fulfil regulations and requirements above and complete your draft of thesis, you may apply for “the PhD Degree Oral Defense Examination” (The Flowchart of Oral Defense Examination for PhD Degree).
  7. You cannot have part-time job in principle.