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Dual Degree Programs


In 2014, an all-English Undergraduate Dual Degree Program was launched between the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTUST and the Department of Chemical Engineering at Widya Mandala Catholic University(WMCU).

Students will spend the first two years of their undergraduate studies at WMCU and the next two years at Taiwan Tech. After completing graduation requirements (see the attached file below), students will be offered Bachelor of Science degrees from Widya Mandala Catholic University and from Taiwan Tech.

We welcome students  who major in Chemical Engineering to apply for our third- and fourth- year English undergraduate program. Upon fulfilling our graduation requirements, students will be granted a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering by Taiwan Tech.

Anyone interested in our All English Undergraduate Program should contact


International Dual-Degree Bachelor Program curriculum (download: https://ch-r.ntust.edu.tw/var/file/21/1021/img/1950/urriculumforDDP_TaiwanTech.pdf)